November 04, 2002
July 26, 2002
Sailing the Aegean II - Epilogue

We're back in the real world again, and it feels like hell. Compared to the wondeful time we had during the 3 weeks of sailing, office hours seem to take your will to live. And the constant gray veil that covers the Dutch skies isn't making things easier. But it does make the memories even better!

So, where DID we go during those 3 weeks? Before we left, I tried to give an idea of the route we could have sailed. Of course things turned out to be a little different...


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July 21, 2002
All pictures
Finally, at home, I was able to serve you with all the pictures. Be prepared, it's quite a collection...

To every log-entry I added the related pictures in the comments. So, to enjoy the full story, you should take it one step at a time.

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Athens Anticlimax

Usually, sailing into Athens after so many days on the islands is a guarantee for a solid anticlimax and feelings of regret. Well, not this time.


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July 19, 2002
Final leg

19/7 18:30 - Passing Cape Tourlos, Aigina - We sailed out of Poros together with our friends from Holland. (More pics coming up, guys!)

After a quick swim and some salad in the bay of Aiya Marina on Aigina, we just started on our last leg to Alimos, Athens. We planned to arrive there around sunset. Not only because the huge, lively city will then become a beautiful sea of light, but also less bloody hot.


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July 18, 2002
Hello again Hydra, kiss goodbye

18/7 14:20 - 1 Nm north of Poros - When out of nowhere the wind started blowing yesterday, we couldn't resist the temptation of going to Hydra again. Instead of staying with Lefty, Hans and the charming, sharp mouthed Anna in Poros for another day. It was definitly worth it!


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July 16, 2002
Old friends

16/7 20:15 - Poros - Another windless and bloody hot day started of with a knot in our anchor, tied together with another one, of 1,5 meters! I wish I took a picture of it...


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