July 19, 2002
Final leg

19/7 18:30 - Passing Cape Tourlos, Aigina - We sailed out of Poros together with our friends from Holland. (More pics coming up, guys!)

After a quick swim and some salad in the bay of Aiya Marina on Aigina, we just started on our last leg to Alimos, Athens. We planned to arrive there around sunset. Not only because the huge, lively city will then become a beautiful sea of light, but also less bloody hot.

Last night was an absolute worthy end of our holiday. (Well ok, almost the end.) Lefty took us, our 5 new Dutch friends and a lonely Greek skipper to have dinner a 'real' Greek taverna, way out of the town of Poros. By 'real' I mean: good & honest food, for a price less than half of what one pays in the usual tourist trap. You know it's good when it has lousy lighting and chairs, with only Greek guests in them.

Afterwards all 8 of us went to a Greek bar, where Lefty - the old 'kamaiki' - had the night of his life dancing traditional Greek dances with the 4 pretty Dutch girls. We honestly thought his heart was going to give up on him! But what a good dancer he is, showing off his skills and the female company to all the other Greeks in the Kati bar.

Posted by Bas at July 19, 2002 06:00 PM

Did you enjoy your "last" trip?

It was very nice to read your beautiful website notes.

Veel plezier de laatste week!!!



Posted by: GJL on July 20, 2002 09:19 PM

To be sadly honest, this was our last week... Remember when I said there was a fourth reason for taking it slow? Well, that was the day we decided to take the "offer we couldn't refuse" and book the Rinia for another week at a nice discount. So instead of spending a week partying in Athens, we now had another week for sailing. Although it was the longest continuous time I've ever been living on a boat (yet!), I can't believe how fast these three weeks have past.

Posted by: Bas on July 21, 2002 02:13 PM
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