June 30, 2002
Mykonos Magic

30/6 20:30 - Ornos bay, Mykonos - As the loungy tunes of Radio Mykonos are soothing the anchored Rinia and our own moods, I can't say anything else than: This has been a perfect day!


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June 29, 2002
All aboard?

29/6 19:35 - Finikas, Syros - We're aboard! And boy, what a nice boat the "Rinia" turned out to be. It can easily suit at least 6 people, so with 3 cabins and 8 bunks the two of us will have a great challenge choosing the best bed.


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June 28, 2002
Greek godesses

28/6 10:38 GMT (Greek Maybe Time) - While Athens has already embraced us like we'd never left here, Dessy almost overwelmed us with her hospitality. (Realy, just a spare matres would have been enough. Thank you SO much, dear!)


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June 27, 2002
Schiphol Airport

27/6 18:30 - I've never seen the airport SO busy! But we made it, and all our stuff (lifevests, all the electronical stuff I'm carrying) went through customs without a problem.

As always, Chris is spending what is probably considered just a smal fortune in the Duty Free shops, while I'm enjoying the airport's atmosphere.


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June 24, 2002
Sailing the Aegean

This year we will finally make it to the Cyclades Islands. Simply because we are starting in the middle of them. Of course, again, we will have no exact idea of where we'll be going at what day. But here's an idea of the route we might travel.

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June 23, 2002
...and thanks for the fish

A good friend of mine is spending some months traveling around Australia at this time. I realy hope he has the chance to check out this site once in a while, because I've got something to show (off)...


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June 22, 2002
Better safe than sorry

Yes mom, we're going to play it safe: We bought a set of automatic lifesavers. We figured these would offer a little more comfort than the orange blocks of foam that one usualy finds aboard.

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June 21, 2002

Finally, my camera arrived. I think I will be needing a link to the Fuji Camera driver index, to make it work at the various internet-cafe's, where I'll try to upload some images.

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June 18, 2002
Scheduled trip

If you're interested in our scheduled trip, please click "Read more..." (If you're not: What are you doing here anyway?!)


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June 15, 2002
The Bible v8.0

Let's hope we've got this one on board: Greek Waters Pilot, 8th edition. And a lot of these maps too!

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June 14, 2002
About Shipslog II

So what is it? It's just the sequel to my original Mobile Ship's Log. You guessed it: We are going to bore you with our sailing trip stories again. Hopefuly with some more pictures this time.


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And now, for a final test...

An online-sync posting via AvantGo. If this works, I am one happy camper^h^h^h^h^h^h^h sailor.

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AvantGo test

If this works...


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First test on Greymatter

This is the first blog-entry on Shipslog II.


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