June 14, 2002
About Shipslog II

So what is it? It's just the sequel to my original Mobile Ship's Log. You guessed it: We are going to bore you with our sailing trip stories again. Hopefuly with some more pictures this time.


It's based on the same principles as Shipslog 2000, using just a little more up-to-date techniques: AvantGo to Palm to Nokia 7110 to ISP to Server to Greymatter, where before I used the same communication to connect to some home-made shitty app.
(In September, I've ported the whole thing to MovableType. It works like a breeze.)


We're just to Dutchies who love Greece almost as much as we love eachother. Want to find out more about us? Explore this site!


Many thanx to Dessy for making us look forward to returning to Greece even more; to Harald & Pjotr for they took most of the photographs I used for this site; to everyone who we sailed with on previous trips; and to you, for reading all of this.


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The last couple of weeks I've been constantly removing comments from people (or automized scripts) abusing this website for their own, commercially driven, mostly dirty business. To all those people: read this. All other, friendly readers I would like to invite to send an e-mail to bas-at-shipslog-dot-info.

Posted by Bas at June 14, 2002 11:39 PM

Very interesting job!
It's nice to have people so passionate of sailing.

I was also crusing this summer in greece the first 2 weekes of august.

I met the 'Orfeo' in Serifos. I was blown away by the beauty of that boat... I helped the crew to anchor on the 11th... I was on a bavaria 44 with other italian friends

I would very much appreciate to get in touch with them...

Posted by: jacopo on October 3, 2002 11:09 PM

Hi Jacopo,

Thanx for your nice comments. I did try to follow the Orfeo on the web. Too bad, it seems Robert Sass (it's owner) didn't do too well on the 2002 Swan World Cup this year. (Sorry Bob, I think you deserved a better result!)

Posted by: bas on October 4, 2002 10:21 AM
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