July 18, 2002
Hello again Hydra, kiss goodbye

18/7 14:20 - 1 Nm north of Poros - When out of nowhere the wind started blowing yesterday, we couldn't resist the temptation of going to Hydra again. Instead of staying with Lefty, Hans and the charming, sharp mouthed Anna in Poros for another day. It was definitly worth it!

From our Dutch friend, skipper Jan, we heard he was taking all of his flotilla to my 'secret Greek love' Hydra. And since the other flotilla and some new bareboating friends we made on Poros were going there, the place was going to be literaly 'packed' with fun. And so it was.

With all those boats coming in, we had hours of entertainment. But, which was quite disappointing, in te morning NOBODY had their anchor stuck, like it usualy happens. After a nice, long session at the port police getting our papers in order, we left as one of the last boats in port. Guess what happened? Our anchor was totally stuck. It was neatly trapped underneith this huge chain crossing the bottom of the entire port. (I assume it's there to keep the port fom bursting during these busy nights.)

So, in the end (and people familiar with this dirty port there are going to laugh their asses of) I was the one having to dive in to get it loose. Thank you so much for this wet goodbye kiss, my sweet little Hydra!

Today there's a nice breeze. Iinvite everyone to have a guess at where we're going tonight.

Posted by Bas at July 18, 2002 03:44 PM
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