July 26, 2002
Sailing the Aegean II - Epilogue

We're back in the real world again, and it feels like hell. Compared to the wondeful time we had during the 3 weeks of sailing, office hours seem to take your will to live. And the constant gray veil that covers the Dutch skies isn't making things easier. But it does make the memories even better!

So, where DID we go during those 3 weeks? Before we left, I tried to give an idea of the route we could have sailed. Of course things turned out to be a little different...

Here's a (not so nautical) map of the trip we made. Click on the #'s to read the entry.

07/21/2002: Athens Anticlimax07/19/2002: Final leg07/18/2002: Hello again Hydra, kiss goodbye07/16/2002: Old friends07/16/2002: Hydra Hangover07/15/2002: Oh, those bells07/14/2002: Where's the wind when you need it07/13/2002: Pink sause is Finish07/12/2002: Sweet & Sour Serifos07/10/2002: Deep07/09/2002: Boat Stop07/07/2002: Sssh... Sssha...07/06/2002: That's the way (ahah ahah)...07/05/2002: Meltemi07/05/2002: No pictures, please!07/04/2002: Amorgos07/04/2002: Dreams do come true07/03/2002: Lazy, lazy, lazy day07/02/2002: Here's to you all07/02/2002: Naousa Memories07/01/2002: Mondays...06/30/2002: Mykonos Magic06/29/2002: All aboard?

Posted by Bas at July 26, 2002 06:05 PM

Gave site man!

En errug leuk dat wij als link zijn opgenomen.


Posted by: Fiona & Andre on August 21, 2002 12:24 AM
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