July 16, 2002
Old friends

16/7 20:15 - Poros - Another windless and bloody hot day started of with a knot in our anchor, tied together with another one, of 1,5 meters! I wish I took a picture of it...

In Hydra we met our first old friend, Antje, who was skippering around the Saronic most of last years summer.

Today in Poros we met another skipper, Jan. He brought with him 10(!) flotilla boats, all of them Dutch. Combined with 5 from another flotilla, the port of Poros is really PACKED with Dutch. Kind of a nice change from all the Skandinavian yachties we met in the Cyclades, but a bit much.

From the few local old friends, we already embraced 'Lefty', who is sort of the harbourmaster around here. What a friendly old Greek he is, although he's always coming on to Chris. ;-)

Now where really looking forward to visiting Anna and Hans, two Dutchies who have lived here on Poros for about 14 years. They own a bar (with internet connections,mom!), of which I hope to meet a piece of furniture called Julie. With this excentric British lady I've spend an entire night discussing The Hitchhikers Guide adventure game (over Pan Galactic Gargleblasters), and I've got a surprise for her!

Posted by Bas at July 16, 2002 07:37 PM

Your next harbour will be "Paradise", the beautifull island next to "Utopia".

kissjes GJL

Posted by: GJL on July 18, 2002 07:24 AM
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