June 18, 2002
Scheduled trip

If you're interested in our scheduled trip, please click "Read more..." (If you're not: What are you doing here anyway?!)

Planned dates

  • Next week, on Thursday (June 27) we're arriving in Athens, around midnight

  • Saturday, June 29 we're taking the ferry to Syros, and boarding our yacht (!) in the afternoon

  • Sunday, June 30 we plan to sail to Mykonos B-)

  • During the two following weeks we will have to see... but we will definitely go to Hydra & Poros

  • Saturday, July 13 we have to deliver our boat (or what's left of it ;-) in Alimos Marina (Athens)

  • From that day until Saturday, July 20 we haven't got anything planned. Maybe we'll stay in Athens, or take a ferry to one of the beautiful islands, or ...

Posted by Bas at June 18, 2002 04:09 PM
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