June 27, 2002
Schiphol Airport

27/6 18:30 - I've never seen the airport SO busy! But we made it, and all our stuff (lifevests, all the electronical stuff I'm carrying) went through customs without a problem.

As always, Chris is spending what is probably considered just a smal fortune in the Duty Free shops, while I'm enjoying the airport's atmosphere.

Our journey started with an amazing incident, concerning a friendly Dutch cab-driver: We were just around the corner of our street when we could hop in a big taxi-bus that was heading for the train station anyway. Free of charge, as it turned out!

Now THAT'S something that would never happen to anyone with those yellow cab crooks in Athens... they would rather charge you double the amount just for losing your luggage, than offer you a free ride in he direction you actually (that's one, Giannis!) have to go...

Our flight is leaving on schedule, I think. Dessy, here we come!!!

Posted by Bas at June 27, 2002 06:42 PM
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