June 29, 2002
All aboard?

29/6 19:35 - Finikas, Syros - We're aboard! And boy, what a nice boat the "Rinia" turned out to be. It can easily suit at least 6 people, so with 3 cabins and 8 bunks the two of us will have a great challenge choosing the best bed.

It's been a quite a disapointment that Despina decided she couldn't join us afterall. Well hey Dessy, you're the one missing out on all the fun... so let's hope you can make it up to us next weekend. But of course many, many thanks for letting us use your apartment and your car! (Again, I surely enjoyed playing that 24/7 wargame the people in Athens call 'traffic'.)

This morning the ferry ride from Pireus, where it seemed like all 9.000.000 Athinians tried to escape the city all at once, was pretty comfortable. Arriving in Ermiopolis (the capitol of Syros, and the Cyclades) just 10 minutes after us, the owner of Aegean Cruises joined us to do the check-in. Zacharias, it's a beatiful boat... we will take good care of it! (To all of you who've been around sailing from Athens: You should realy meet this friendly guy Zacharias. He's so relaxed and totaly in control, especialy in comparison to the some infamous boatowners. ;-)

Today we're spending just chillin' out in the quiet port of Finikas, tomorrow it's Sailing Time. They are saying the "Meltemi" might show up, so keep watching these pages for updates!

Posted by Bas at June 29, 2002 07:23 PM

The Meltemi! The world famous clown of Circus Boldinipopulous that can juggle three Albanians over a broiling BBQ while having his face pounded with Baklava pies...

No? Sorry. What is the Meltemi? I sure hope it's not some strong seasonal wind. Wind can sure fuck up a good cirus show.

But all madness on a stickie, it's good to hear you're having fun so far! You have a map somewhere where I can see the route you're sailing? I've seen the route decription but I think I wasn't paying attention during geography class when Greece was explained. Guess I was day dreaming of clowns.



Posted by: Peter on June 30, 2002 09:22 AM

You bet Im the one that missed out, just going thru lots of "stuff" lately and unfortunately for me - I let it get in the way of a good time!!!

Im so delighted that you guys are enjoying it all and please know I'm with you in spirit. By the way it was my pleasure offering you my apartment, you will have to let me know exactly when you are back in Athens and if I can pick you up and have you over for a day or two or three!!!kisses Dessy

Posted by: Despina on July 5, 2002 11:17 AM
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