Plenty of pictures
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And here they are. (It's a big load again.)

Updates from the past
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Back in the Real World™ again, I was able to post all the scriblings I made during the crossing. To keep things clear, I divided all the entries this site into two categories:

Keep watching, for I will also add tons of pictures shortly.

Short but long lasting
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Rob and I are on our way back to Holland, currently on the plane to Paris. It's been an amazing experience sailing the ocean, and a weird one staying at our destination for less than 24 hours. An experience that will last a lifetime.

Position & Updates 14-29 Dec.
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29-12-2002 07.30h local time: Barbados it is!!!

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Wanna see where they are? Take a look at this map.

Whales at last
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Around noon local KeeS time (which is now on Barbados time, or UTC-4) we were visited by two whales or, to be exact, two Killer Whales.

Final nightly watch
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With mixed feelings I just finished what was probably my last nightly watch. On one hand it means almost the end to a beautiful adventure. I will miss the night on this black ocean, underneath all those stars and our faithful friend, the moon.

Not there yet!
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13°33'N 55°27'W - With only 240 miles to go, our destination is almost in sight. And we're all looking forward to that moment, 'cause the last couple of days have been hard on all of us.
First there was the constant rolling of the boat, making live inside a little harder, and requiring though, all manual steering, 24 hours a day. Then we had a few squalls floating by. Thirdly, some of us are feeling a bit homesick with Chris(tmas).
And on top of it all, yesterday morning our rudder cable broke.