Tickets in da pocket
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Just another three weeks and I'm off. So it's a good feeling Chris and EJ managed to get me my tickets.

Check out my complete travel schedule...

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Some of the lovely photographs above this site are used with permission of the Barbados Photo Gallery. They are © Stephen E. Mendes, Barbados. Thanx, Steven. I hope to thank you in person when (if?!) we get to Barbados!

Some remarks
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Right now, I'm not sure if we'll have the necessary communications equipment aboard to update this shipslog during the trip or not. In case Rob might be bringing an SSB-radio, I can e-mail the updates so Chris can post them. And we are now considering renting an Iridium satellite phone. These are just bloody expensive, but it would enable us to make a connection to the internet.

Here I go again...
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...blogging across the Atlantic this time. Together with Rob, I'll be tagging along with André and Fiona on the Kees, departing from Las Palmas, Gran Canaria around November 23.
Our first destination will be Barbados. Before, during, and after this trip I will try to maintain an online logbook, like I did previously on our sailing trips
around Greece. Only this time, Chris will not be by my side. :-(