Whales at last
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Around noon local KeeS time (which is now on Barbados time, or UTC-4) we were visited by two whales or, to be exact, two Killer Whales.

I saw them passing us going in the opposite direction, about a hundred meters away. When I had called the others to come and see, the two big dorsal fins made a big turn, now approaching us from behind. We could see one of them just below the surface of the waves behind us, as it swam quickly underneath my fishing line. (Now THAT would have been a catch! I would have liked to have seen the face of the guy who sold me my Rapalla, as I'd have showed him a proud picture of that one.)
For a brief moment I could clearly see the white markings on the 3 or 4 meters long, graceful but deadly creature. It then passed our stern at about 1 or 2 meters, and as fast as they had approached us, they were gone again.
Wow. Ocean wildlife at last.

Only a few hours later a dozen of very playful dolphins paid us a visit. For about 10 minutes they shot through the water just before our bow, and jumped high above the surface to show us their grace and speed. Of course they took off just when I went to get my camera. But Dolphins always leave you in a happy mood.

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