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13°33'N 55°27'W - With only 240 miles to go, our destination is almost in sight. And we're all looking forward to that moment, 'cause the last couple of days have been hard on all of us.
First there was the constant rolling of the boat, making live inside a little harder, and requiring though, all manual steering, 24 hours a day. Then we had a few squalls floating by. Thirdly, some of us are feeling a bit homesick with Chris(tmas).
And on top of it all, yesterday morning our rudder cable broke.

But life isn't as hard as the previous paragraph may suggest. Of course, Certified Handyman André fixed the cable, replacing it with an old one, in only an hour or so. But it wasn't a pleasant job, plus we now don't have any spares left.
The weather is perfect, with a blazing sun and steady winds. We have plenty of diesel, food and drinks left to get us to Barbados. If all goes well, we should arrive there tomorrow evening!

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