July 13, 2002
Pink sause is Finish

13/7 19:23 - Serifos - Yesterday we decided to go for the third option: to not go anywhere and stay anchored in the bay. Our anchor had proven to hold during the remaining part of the night and all morning while we were recovering from the first part. So, we thought, why not recover some more. And then suddenly Chris noticed we were adrift. The anchor, despite of the 70 m of chain, was loose. Again.

This was in fact the perfect excuse to go where we actually(4!) wanted to be: at the quay. At the southern side of it, to be more precise.

There were only a few spots left there. But we managed to get the Rinia in one of them, against a few odds and against an ever stronger Meltemi. Now we were REALLY safe. Too bad I had already tried to make up for missing out on the special omelets earlier. I did fail entirely at this, but now at least our appetites were ruined.

Yesterday evening dozens of Powerboats (we call them 'pauperbakken' in Dutch) came in to try and stay on to north side of the quay. Meltemi took care of a good clowns act this time! It was a lovely spectacle to see how all these sorry 'sailors' were messing up completely. Especially with 3 m of solid concrete keeping them away from most of the sailing yachts.

Today we decided to let all things fall into place: first a good night sleep, then The Special Omelet (Too bad the guy was fresh out of pink AND green sause. But what the heck, his loud Rachmaninov and the view totally made up for that!), and afterwards a nice afternoon playing Backgammon over Ouzo-mezedes up in the old town.

Since Chris won almost every game today, I am now going to make tomorrows Meal Under Sail. We're going for a long trip tomorrow, so my (dads) infamous Chili-con-Carne (Con-Everything-That's-Left-Aboard) will keep us moving during the 50 Nm to my 'secret' Greek love: Hydra.

A few friendly notes:

Peter, have the best of times in Thailand! Thanx for your hilarious stories, see you in back in the country where none of us really wants to be.

Mom, I'm sorry, but contrary to first appearances Serifos is quite unspoiled by tourism. So no Internet Cafe and no new pictures, yet.

Posted by Bas at July 13, 2002 07:16 PM
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