July 12, 2002
Sweet & Sour Serifos

12/7 11:30 - Serifos - Meltemi came to pay us a visit tonight. We were on the north side of the peer, our anchor a little to the west and holding us tightly. And the wind came from the NW, as I expected.

The only problem was this huge, 15m, metal motoryacht to our portside, with its anchor crossing ours to the east: It was going to crush us against the peer for sure.

It was about 3 am, and we did have a few drinks already. (Yes Willem, this IS an Ouzo story!) But with a few extra lines, a lot of joined effort, we managed to get the big thing into a safe, and steady position. Together with the skipper of the metal mountain beside us, we had a few more drinks and cursed the 3rd skipper who had told us the wind would come from the NE. And then, we went to sleep.

Until the wind shifted to the NE.

Chris, who had decided to sleep on deck to keep an eye on things, woke me up as fast as we both could. But it had already been to late: a tiny, but very frustrating scratch is now disgracing our shiny, recently fixed stern. Our anchor had all of a sudden decided not to hold us anymore. (Zacharias, we're utterly sorry. I'm sure it can be fixed properly.) So, with the wind picking up even more, we immediatly got out of there, and anchored in the bay.

Still anchored safely, we're now waking up from this rough night. The wind is still blowing hard. Our problem is now, we have this huge dilemma: Should we moore to the peer again, to be able to have one of these worldfamous omelets-with-green-or-pink-sause at this very special bar by the beach? (Yes, it's still there, even after 5 years!) Or should we just go into "safe mode", and get the hell out of here?

Posted by Bas at July 12, 2002 11:03 AM
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