Sleepless in the Tropics
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14°38'N 46°38'W - We are tired of it, literally. The waves have been keeping us on edge all the time. But the rolling and twisting appears to become less now. Finally.

Last night Rob and I shared our watches, each doing an hour of steering while the other also sat (more or less sleeping) in the cockpit.
I was, like Rob, becoming a bit feverish from the continued sleep deprivation. That, added to the fact that I had totally had it with always having a wet ass at night - from the moist cockpit cushions! - made me decide to wear my full foul weather gear again. It was quite comfy, but can you imagine? This is NOT how I expected my tropical nights to be!

To illustrate the fact we really don't need to wear that sailing gear because of the weather anymore: Early this morning I was rudely awakened by André, because a squall was suddenly hitting us with a lot of wind. So there I stood, happily furling in the genoa in my boxer shorts, while I was soaked by the lukewarm tropical rain.
Damn, where did I leave my shampoo again?

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