Bumpy ride
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14°12'N 43°55'W - Yesterday evening something went very wrong: The wind picked up, which was ok. But the waves did too, from several directions. We were in for a bumpy ride...
Our watch system was totally screwed up. Rob couldn't sleep at all, neither could Fiona. André and I tried to relieve each other as much as we could, and Rob did too many hours while almost falling asleep.

The waves are still here now. There are those as big as minivans hitting us sideways, and those as big as trucks rolling in from behind. And then there are those speeding motorcycles taking us by surprise from seemingly random directions. And I almost forget to mention the regular, freight train-sized, Gulf Stream effect from the NE.
We're still keeping up, with an average VMG (Velocity Made Good, or speed towards our waypoint Barbados) of 6.3 knots. Let's hope those bloody waves are not.

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