Another night, another watch
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14°43'N 47°33'W - I just finished my nightly watch with an almost satisfying 5.7 average VMG. It was like calmly driving a high speed highway, with only the occasional fire-truck-wave severely taking you off course.

Well, enough about waves, for they will probably keep us company for the remaining 780 miles of our trip. But did I mention the moon already? We had a full moon a couple of nights ago. And its pleasant company still sheds a bright light on our deck, very much needed in the dark Atlantic night. And when a cloud suddenly covers it, it's really like someone accidentally hit the light switch... Hey now!? Turn it on again!

The moon is about our only companion nowadays. That's not counting the millions of flying fish sometimes swarming the ocean surface like bees on a field of flowers. We have seen neither dolphins nor other boats for days now. And of whales not a trace. What was the phrase again? Save the whales! (Collect them all...)

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