Going great
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14°29'N 39°15'W - Yesterday I caught a beautiful fish again. It was similar to the previous one, and even bigger. We found out from before that it is a 'Dorade' and definitely not poisonous. In fact, we now found out they can be delicious!

It was a lovely sight to see 3 guys standing there, not knowing what to do with the big live fish behind the boat. In the end André killed it (with a rubber hammer, of which he now has nightmares) and Rob (being related to the fishermen from Urk) dared to take its guts out. And I prepared it. (With plenty of garlic of course.)
It was GOOD! And we're looking forward to the next one.

On my day watch a few hours ago, I set a new personal SOG (Speed Over Ground) record of 8.5, during a great run with the second spinnaker. We're making great miles towards Barbados. This night we'll be exactly half way over the ocean. The fresh bread tastes great, the mood is high.

But boy do I miss my Great Love. And how I hate not being there for her...

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