Just in KeeS
# | Posted in Real Time by Bas at Nov, 17 - 06:52 PM | Comments (1)

28°41'N, 14°08'W, Aboard KeeS - On arrival in Puerto Calero I was immediately overwhelmed by the ultra-relaxed atmosphere of the reasonably modern port: lots of 'liveaboards' and a handful of lost tourist, side by side enjoying the slow pace of a Spanish Sunday.

After making my first acquaintance with KeeS, I had some breakfast (which, after my early start, was more like lunch to me) with its current inhabitants: Fiona, Jacky and Jaap. My first impression of what is to become my home for the next 6 weeks is rather strange: She sure is a beauty, but because the mast is still missing she is like a nice face without a nose...

23:59 - KeeS, port side aft bunk - Sleep well my dear Chris. I'll meet you in my dreams.

+ | Posted by Peter on Nov, 19 - 01:58 PM

Zonder neus...met Tromp aan boord????

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