Arrival Arrecife 09.25 AM
# | Posted in Real Time by Chris at Nov, 17 - 12:04 PM | Comments (2)

Basje has just arrived at Lanzarote. The weather is a bit better than it is in Holland and Germany, all the luggage and food-supplies arrived as well and Air Berlin is OK. Now he's on his way to meet KeeS.

For me it was an early rainy drive from Düsseldorf back to Utrecht after a perfect, but short, stay in the Holiday Inn. Can't wait for X-mas this year!


+ | Posted by Gerrit Jan on Nov, 18 - 11:49 AM

All the best Chris, X-mas is already appearing in the shops.

+ | Posted by Alison on Aug, 09 - 06:01 AM

Good read

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