Nose Job
# | Posted in Real Time by Bas at Nov, 18 - 05:01 PM | Comments (1)

Puerto Calero boat shop - This is supposed to be the only wired place around here: A small shop with one PC to use for my online habits. Well, it will just have to do in absence of my GSM.

This morning we got an early start. First we had a little "Happy Birthday Fiona" breakfast together, after which Andre, Jaap and I went to work on the mast in the hangar. Before we will reinstall the "nose" of KeeS again, a lot of work needs to be done on it. Scrubbing, cleaning, and repainting.
Arriving yesterday evening from Holland, Andre has brought most of the stays with him. Rob hopefully will bring the two remaining, smaller ones on Wednessday and even before that, we hope to have the mast up where it belongs: right in the middle of KeeS's pretty face.

+ | Posted by bob on Nov, 19 - 01:17 PM

After Jaap finishes helping with the "nose", please kick him back to the Netherlands. He's expected to sit on a mountainbike on sat 30th nov, 09:30 Rheden. He might want to check his e-mail!

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