July 03, 2002
Lazy, lazy, lazy day

3/7 20:38 - Naousa, Paros - Yep, we're still here. No sailing today, just a lot of sleeping / a little shopping / enjoying the port. And awaiting the predicted 6-7 Beaufort Meltemi, which of course didn't show up. Bloody weather-forecasts!

After a few hours of walking around in the blazing heat in Naousa today, we found a small place that had internet-access. So finally, it looks like I've got the site up and running again.

Tomorrow we'll problably head for Amorgos. Tha doume, as always. ;-)

Posted by Bas at July 03, 2002 07:43 PM


uw xml newsfeed is toegevoegd aan willy, indien je inlogt met je account customisable aan te zetten; anders via newsfeed optie te aanschouwen @


have a good one. greets to chris.

(btw:: ik hoop dat uw richtingsgevoel en en afstandinschattingscapaciteit niet debet is aan uw langer verblijf op paros? :-)

Posted by: bertboerland on July 3, 2002 08:18 PM

From: Bollen, WF (FM)

  To: bas@

  Subj: greetings

  Date: 3 Jul 2002 18:05 +0200

Hey Leendriakis,

Everything seems to be fine in the Cyclades! Awesome to read about the trip you guys are making. I never realized you had a relatively stessful live up

here?! Is that true, I have never caught a sign of that before.

What kind of yacht is the Rinia?

I missed the wordt "ouzo"in your journal? Is everything

OK? I can't imagine. In that respect, the story of choosing cabins was confusing as well.

Good choice to run away form the ugly Dutch weather that we are having at the moment. Everything is OK up here.


That was all I received of this e-mail. In the future, please add any feedback directly to the site. I promise more ouzo-stories shortly.

The Rinia is a Jeanneau Sunshine 38. What's in a name. B-)

Posted by: Bollen, WF (FM) on July 4, 2002 08:34 PM

Related pic:

Bas taking a nap in the shade

Posted by: Bas on September 15, 2002 03:05 PM
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