July 04, 2002
Dreams do come true

4/7 14:15 - at sea, 7 Nm south of Naxos Town - Although the wind seems to have abandoned us for the moment, everything is going just fine.

Yesterday a nearly fell in love with "somebody else's woman": next to us in Naousa was a 52 ft Swan, called Daphne's Smile. Dimitris, who had bought it in Hindelopen btw, is sailing charters with this dreamboat. You can bet you will see more of it on C-Sails.com in the near future!

At this moment Yan, our brand new Yanmar diesel engine is doing a good job at getting us towards our waypoint, and in the mean time keeping our batteries charged so our fridge can cool our drinks. Our other crewmember, Helmut is doing a great job as well. Helmut is in fact our autopilot (or afto ghamóto in Greek ;-). These things are like dishwashers, once you've got one doing your dirty work, you can't do without it.

Now don't think we're already so bored that we are starting to call our gadgets names and talk to them. It's just to make life even easier. Actually (!), we haven't got a name for our fridge yet. Any ideas?

Posted by Bas at July 04, 2002 01:51 PM
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