Departing Lanzarote
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Puerto Calero, Lanzarote has been nice to us. But its been long enough. In - hopefully - an hour or so, were finally taking of to sea. Destination: Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. Maybe.

After the mast was finally installed on Thursday night, it took us whole Friday to get it fixed, tune the rigging, reconnect all the electrical stuff, etcetera. And on Saturday there was almost a gale (8 Beaufort) blowing around the Canaries, with a swell of 6 to 8 meters! So no sailing still. (Sorry Danny and Joost, we would have loved to take you with us on a nice daytrip. Anyway, its been nice seeing you guys during your short holiday on the island.)

So we decided to do most of the shopping for the crossing yesterday. Tons of canned food, bottled and canned drinks (no, not too much booze of course), and one huge pork-leg were stowed away on KeeS. Now we only need to get the fresh stuff, which well get on our next port of call, which will probably be our last before Barbados.

Now were awaiting some news from our extra forestay which, in good KeeSian tradition, was lost during shipment. Thanx Iberia Cargo for again delaying our departure from Lanzarote.


+ | Posted by GJL on Nov, 26 - 07:07 PM

Bon voyage...KeeS
I'm sailing with you...

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