Still mastless, age++, connected to the stars
# | Posted in Real Time by Bas at Nov, 22 - 11:30 AM | Comments (1)

Another day has passed in utterly relaxed Puerto Calero, Lanzarote. Jaap has left for Holland, Rob has joined the crew, KeeS is still mastless, and I became one year older.

To be honest, the only thing keeping me from having a perfect, simple birthday party was of course that my love wasn't here to celebrate it with me. Otherwise it was just fine: some good friends and a few suitable presents. (Yes, all I got was booze. ;-)

Rob brought with him not only the last two stays, but also plenty of electronical gadgets amost which was our Iridium telephone. I won't publish the number on this site, but people who need to contact us can get the number through Chris. Contrary to what I had hoped for, we will not be able to connect to the net. So no Shipslog updates 'Live From The Atlantic Ocean', other than the occasional update from any of our onshore communication centers in Hilversum and Utrecht.
It will be possible to send us short text messages, for free via the web. Again, please refer to Chris on how this is done.

+ | Posted by Peter on Nov, 26 - 03:09 PM

Ah yes, I knew was forgetting something. Happy B-day my friend. The good news is that I did drink to your good health. It's just that I didn't know I was drinking to your good health at the time. Maybe that doesn't count heh? I'll drink a couple more tonight. Better safe than sorry.

Cheers, bon voyage and here's to you...


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