Destination: Lanzarote (instead of Las Palmas)
# | Posted in Real Time by Bas at Nov, 14 - 01:17 PM | Comments (0)

Since it's going to take a while to get the stays fixed, KeeS will have to remain in Lanzarote for at least a week. Therefore, a few minutes ago, I changed my ticket: I will fly to Lanzarote instead of Las Palmas.

We're probably not going to make it to Las Palmas before the end of next week. Too bad: Now we're going to miss all the fun & festivities during this week of preparation of the ARC. But maybe the ARC Antigua will provide with some portside fun as well, although it's entry list is much smaller. And, by pure coincidence, my good friend Danny is staying on Lanzarote for a week's vacation.
So I guess I'll enjoy it. Just a bit.

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