July 02, 2002
Naousa Memories

2/7 17:50 - Ay. Ioannis bay, Paros - The port of Naousa, the lovely main town on Paros turned out much smaller than in my blurred memories of 5 years ago. Much smaller too, in fact, than our Greek Waters Pilot told us it would be. But then again, we only have got version 5.0 on board, instead of the v8.0 that I wishfully wrote about earlier. So this "Bible" was last updated in 1992. And the trouble with these Greek ports is, even for minor changes, there totally NOT backwards compatible.

So now we're stuck out in some beatiful bay again. Not too comfortable though, so lets hope the Meltemi settles later on. I was looking forward to Naousa: lots of pretty restaurants in a maze of tiny, curly streets. (At least, that's the way I remember it.) And maybe an internet-café to upload a few pictures, and do some other webmaster-stuff. (Thanx for the bold comment, Pieter B. It hasn't gone unnoticed, it's just that... well, you know.) And of course, I wanted to have a nice bottle of the famous Naousa wine, in memory of an old friends birthday.

Maybe we can still get there later on. As the Greeks say: Tha doume (we'll just have to see).

Posted by Bas at July 02, 2002 05:08 PM
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