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Some pictures...

Writing a log entry on the square in the old Town of Rhodos Symi
Willem mounting the poor defenseless Orca Finally on top of things Hold on tight, Willem!
Arrival at Pethi-bay In the dinghy, heading back to the Ouzo 14 after diner Stampalia
A rough, unplanned night trip Finnaly, the quiet Livadhia-bay at Stampalia Time to rest... ...in the shade 'Bolle, je bent los!' Kalimno
Entering Port Kalimnos
Leaving the next day for Vadhi-bay What will the wind do? Come'n get me, Meltemi!
'Could you ease it down a little?' 'Now that's better.'
Entering the small bay Vathi-bay, Kalimno Leros
How a nice swim can clear your troubles away Samos
Sight-seeing around Pythagorion Time for drinks... ...and snacks Patmos
A spectacular trip from Samos to Patmos Approaching Patmos Passing the anchored cruise ships
Ouzo? Ouzo! Disco? Disco!
The three motorbikes and a nice view of the Ouzo 14 If you look closely, you can see Willem and Renate waving at us Kalimno to Symi
Riding the waves... ...and loving every minute of it! 'een beetje moe maar voldaan' Symi to Rhodos
Something's following us! Yeah yeah, I know. It's that studid Orca again!
Mike 'Riding the waves' (1) Mike 'Riding the waves' (2)
A beautiful sunset... ...ending a wonderful journey Rhodos
Chris making Butterfly Valley even more beautiful
A quiet beach... ...and just another noisy tourist
When will we set sail again...? Utrecht
No, I'm not jealous of your sun tan and colourful stories You guys didn't even meet any sheep!? How much would it take to get aboard next year? It's priceless...