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Update: We're going to blog our next sailing trip as well.
Please visit shipslog.leenders.info/shipslog2.

About this site...

The story behind Mobile Ship's Log

This site tells the story about a girl and a guy, and 2 other girls 'n guys.
Starting August the 19th, they wil sail from Rhodos, Greece. Their goals: To get the most out of their yacht, enjoy the weather, have lots of fun, and to have a terrific holiday in general.

The rest of story is yet to be written... and read of course!


The whole thing started two years ago, when the girl and the guy met in Greece, on charter-trip from Santorini. Not only did they find out they both loved sailing, Greece, Ouzo and cigarettes... They found out they loved eachother as well.

Last year just the two of them set sail for the Greek islands again, and as this picture shows, they loved every bit of it even more! All the more reason to go for adventure on the Greek seas again, this time with four friends.

Technical background

The idea behind this site is just a little experiment in the use of Mobile Internet. Using my Palm V PDA and a Nokia 7110, I'll try to upload a log-entry every day. My purpose was to learn about the possibilities of AvantGo, a great application for the Mobile Internet era.