Cape Verdes
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20°18'N 24°27'W - On my shift from 1200 to 0300 last night, the wind died and ocean turned into this huge, flat mirror. It was almost magical to see so many stars, and a bright half moon reflected in the pitch black water around us. On top of this, a few dolphins decided to keep us company during the night.

But the magic has worn off now. The engine has been on for 12 hours already, and we are told there is not going to be much wind for the next couple of days. So we've set course for the Cape Verdes. The closest one of these islands is São Vicente, about 220 Nm away, due south.
It should take us approximately 1.5 days to get to Porto Grande (also known as Mindelo) on São Vicente. And even if the wind stays away, we have just enough diesel to get there by engine.

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